Relaxing with River House

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We all know that decorating is fun. But who knew it could be good for you?

There’s just something about Paula Deen’s furniture that feels right. It’s as if it’s actually good for you. You’ve heard of “soul food,” well this is like furniture for the soul.


Paula’s furnishings are comfortable and inviting—they make you want to sit down and relax. And most of us need to slow down a bit. In a world of instant everything, there’s something to be said for just sitting still. Quietly. Without interruption.

That’s where the goodness of this furniture comes in. It encourages relaxation, quiet moments, and spending time with family and friends—ideals that get lost in the frenetic pace of busy living.

River House, the newest collection of Paula Deen furniture, inspires relaxed living. It captures the beauty, history and hospitality of life on the Savannah River—a place dear to Paula’s heart. Each piece is designed to be loved and enjoyed. You won’t find fussy finishes or anything stiff, untouchable or impractical. Instead, it’s a group that offers casual livability with touches of Low Country charm.

One of my favorite pieces is the Low Country Day Bed, the perfect blend of old and new. Featuring metal head and foot boards, it’s full of character, yet clearly comfy. I can just imagine curling up on it one Saturday afternoon and reading a good book—and if I happen to fall asleep, well, who could blame me?


For truly sleeping in beauty, the Low Post Bed is hard to beat. It combines the timeless, traditional look of wood detailing with the elegance of an upholstered bed with nailhead trim. Its rich River Bank finish gives it a luxurious, yet approachable feel.

No great Paula Deen collection would be complete without the ultimate dining table. The queen of Southern hospitality knows the importance of a beautiful table that is comfortable enough for long, leisurely meals. From weeknight dinners to special events and holidays, the River House Dining Table is designed for creating memories. Plus, it can be expanded to an impressive 106 inches for entertaining. I personally love Paula’s Host and Hostess Chair at the end of the table. After preparing the big meal, I should at least get to sit like royalty—until it’s time to clean up and start all over again.




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Aunt Peggy

by Admin 2. May 2012 00:00

How great would it be to have an Aunt you like so much you actually named a bed after her? Just ask Paula Deen. If you’re a fan of Paula’s, you’ve heard of her Aunt Peggy. As Paula puts it, “My dear Aunt Peggy is one of the most important people in my life.”

So it comes as no surprise that when she designed a special bed in her home furnishings collection, Paula named it “Aunt Peggy’s Bed.” Now that’s a compliment coming from one of the South’s most gracious hostesses.

Not only is Aunt Peggy important to Paula—she’s become special to many of us with recipes Paula has shared like Aunt Peggy’s Sweet Potato Souffle, Aunt Peggy’s Meatloaf, and Aunt Peggy’s Cheesecakes with Praline Topping. You can’t not like someone who cooks so well.

So I was excited to finally see Aunt Peggy’s bed and find out what makes it so special. I knew it had to be both beautiful and distinctive to be part of Paula’s home furnishings collection. And as I expected, Aunt Peggy’s bed is a one-of-a-kind, just like Aunt Peggy. It features a grand panel headboard that’s both classic and architectural. But what makes it so remarkable is its delicate moldings and intricate carvings. The medallion pattern across the front actually reminds me of a stamped tin ceiling—a touch I’m sure Paula added herself.

I love that this bed also has a footboard—I’m a sucker for footboards. I think they give a bed a finished look and let’s face it, they give you a place to tuck the bedspread or duvet into. The footboard on Aunt Peggy’s bed is substantial and features carved pilasters and bun feet. And the whole bed is crafted in a deep, rich chestnut finish—not too light and not too dark.

Overall, Aunt Peggy’s bed reminds me a lot of Paula herself in that it feels familiar the first time you see it. There’s just something about Paula Deen that seems like she’s never met a stranger. She has a personality that is friendly and approachable, and her furniture is like that too. Who else would have thought of sharing the limelight and naming her beautiful new bed after a treasured family member?


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Perfectly Paula

by Admin 20. June 2011 00:00

There's just something about Paula Deen. I love to watch her in her kitchen cooking up her signature southern recipes. I've found myself watching her show when I wasn't even interested in the dish, just because she's so entertaining. (Don't even get me started on the time she was on the Oprah show and dropped the cup into the electric mixer). And I'll admit to having dreams about more than a few of her recipes—like her yummy Gooey Butter Cake.

One of the great things about Paula is what you see is what you get. She is the brand, and all her products reflect her core values and down-home Savannah style. So when you hear about Paula's furniture line, you know what to expect. You won't find anything fancy or fussy—just thoughtful pieces that are classic and comfortable, with a good measure of function and a dash of fun. (Kind of sounds like I'm describing Paula herself, doesn't it?)

Paula's newest addition to her Paula Deen Home collection is appropriately named Down Home. It's designed to capture the easygoing style of Savannah with a mix of low country styles, timeworn finishes and a feast of charming details.

Even the wood used to create the collection has a story behind it. It turns out that the southern poplars that grow near Paula’s Savannah home have some unique characteristics. As they draw water from their native wetlands, the trees also take in minerals from the soil. This forms alternating streaks of light and dark—the minerals run through the wood in broad lines during rainy years but thinner ones during droughts. The finishes in the Down Home collection highlight these natural markings, resulting in pieces that are truly unique—just like Paula.

Ask Paula about why she got into home furnishings and her answer is genuine. She'll be the first to tell you that home is where her heart is. Entertaining is an extension of her love of cooking and she lives to spend time with family and close friends. Over the years she’s developed her personal sense of 'down home' style—and lucky for us, she’s now sharing it.


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Authentic Style

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At the end of a stressful day, most of us long to escape. Our home is our haven, a place of comfort where we can relax and be ourselves. This comes easiest when we’re surrounded by furnishings and accessories that are meaningful and authentic.
Whether it’s people or furniture, nothing is more powerful than authenticity. One of the most impressive features of the Paula Deen Home collection is that Paula designs from the heart.
Her furniture creations are an authentic reflection of who she is and an expression of her love of home and family. There are no sleek designs or uptight finishes in this collection—because that’s just not Paula.

Instead we find delightfully appealing pieces like the one she affectionately calls the “Bag Lady’s Cabinet.” Ultimately useful, this cabinet looks great yet hides a lot. Glass doors and lighting help showcase prized items, while drawer storage keeps clutter out of sight. A turned foot, decorative moldings and rich finishes ensure the piece feels equally at home in the den as in the dining room.

Now when it came time to design a bar for her collection, Paula turned to husband Michael for inspiration. A docking pilot on the port of Savannah, Mike is the muse behind “Captain Mike’s Bar.” It’s a handsome, multifunctional piece that epitomizes stylish storage. Two cabinet doors and four drawers offer ample space for hiding beverages and mixers, as well as and linens and tableware.
An expandable top extends to make serving and entertaining a breeze.

Can’t you just picture Captain Mike’s Bar on the porch of Paula’s house with a pitcher of her homemade lemonade and a platter of her famous fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches? I guess the only question is, “What’s for dessert?”


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Come Home to Comfort

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When it comes to comfort, it’s all about what makes you feel good. Everyone has their favorite comfort foods. Ours are homemade macaroni and cheese, buttery biscuits, and of course—chocolate cake. Then there are creature comforts: well-worn PJs, a snuggly throw, a favorite pillow...things that make you feel ‘at-home’ no matter where you are. So, shouldn’t furniture be the same way...comfortable, inviting and welcoming? Paula Deen thinks so!
When it came time to develop a furniture collection bearing her name, Paula wasn’t content with just any designs. She set out to create home furnishings with meaning, pieces that say “come on in, you’re always welcome here.” And that’s what makes the Paula Deen Home collection so special. With its casual style and focus on comfort, it’s designed for today’s lifestyles.
Now if you know Paula (or have ever heard her speak), you know she’s not only the queen of comfort cooking, she’s a southern belle at heart. Her signature southern style can be seen throughout her home furnishings—many of which are inspired by her favorite pieces in her own home in Savannah. With its lush gardens, stately townhouses, and sprawling plantations, Savannah is the epitome of old Southern style. Yet it’s the welcome feeling of southern hospitality and graciousness that’s most evident in Paula’s furniture.
Take for example the easy elegance of the pedestal table and ladder-back chairs in her casual dining set. A soft off-white painted finish ensures this group will be at home in any style kitchen or breakfast room, while the turned leg detailing adds a touch of classic styling. Comfy, cushioned seats give the chairs a “come sit a spell” allure and their tall backs promise hours of comfort—no matter how long your guests stay. The only thing missing is a delicious meal made from Paula’s recipes set out on the table.
 If you love all things comfortable as much as Paula, then furniture shopping just became fun again. You won’t want to miss the Paula Deen Home collection—after all, she knows the meaning of all things comfortable: good friends, good family, and of course, good food!

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