How To Mix Old and New

17 Mar
March 17, 2015

Modern & traditional. Vintage and contemporary. These may sound like strange bedfellows, but when it comes to mixing old and new, the only rule is there are no rules. Whether you’re moving into a historic home, bringing classic furniture into a new, modern construction, or mixing furniture styles themselves, here are a few examples of how to achieve that layered, sophisticated look of old and new…

Vintage with a Modern Twist

Combine contemporary furniture and accessories with older architectural elements. Create a seamless space within an old setting. Clean, sleek surfaces and straight lines contrast beautifully with the distressed texture of an aged brick wall and well-worn hardwood floor.

Transcend Time Periods

Avoid a style cliché with a good mix. A well-edited room looks as if its been collected over time. The Proximity collection mixes traditional style with casual yet distinctive details. Incorporating these vintage inspired pieces with bold graphics, classic textiles and covering – like leather and linen, and modern lighting and accessories creates a layered, sophisticated space that is both timely and timeless.

Start with White

Display bright colors and fresh patterns against an airy background. Seating upholstered in natural linens look casual and comfortable and combines effortlessly with traditional and modern shapes. Bring in pops of color through accent furniture, textiles and accessories.

Be Spontaneous

Make an unexpected furniture choice… Create an element of surprise that’s both practical and stylish, like the industrial inspired Bakery Rack from our Cordevalle collection. The cage-like wiring, simple lines and metal casters creates a strong focal point in this space. One would expect a more traditional sideboard or china cabinet to match the elegant curves of the dining table and chairs, or a very sleek and modern buffet to compliment the straight lines of the French doors. But this particular piece, along with a fantastic collection of dishes really stands out beautifully.

Tip the Scale

Oversized furniture can visually widen the room. Light fixtures, floor-to-ceiling drapes and large artwork or mirrors will direct the eye upward. Using both traditional and contemporary elements to enhance a space.

A great look that successfully combines old and new is always achieved over time and will evolve with you. Allow your space to be an ever-changing and inspiring environment that’s a reflection of you and your family.


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