Square, Round or Rectangular – How to Choose the Correct Dining Table Shape

09 Jul
July 9, 2014

When deciding on furnishing your home, one of the important choices that need to be made is the shape of the dining room table.  The table is an important part of the dining room – it is the heart of the space, setting the tone for social gatherings and family meals. Whether square, round or rectangular, we can help you decide which option fits best.

Choosing a dining room table largely depends on the size and shape of the room it will inhabit. For a small space, a round or narrow rectangular table is best due to its small footprint within the room. If the room you are furnishing is square, choose a square or round table. Similarly, if the room you are furnishing is rectangular, choose a table that has a rectangular shape. Square tables don’t work well in rectangular rooms because seating on two sides of the table will be closer to the walls, crowding your guests.

Another consideration is the number of people that will dine at the table regularly. If a family of four typically dines at the table, square tables are best. For families with small children or less than four people, give round tables a try. If more than four people will be dining at the table regularly, rectangle-shaped tables are recommended. Table space can be supplemented with the addition of table leaves – perfect for converting the family dining table to accommodate guests.

When it comes to spacing, keep in mind the 24-24-48 rule. Allow a minimum of 24” of space between the table and wall for effortless moving about the room. Space chairs 24” apart from each other so your diners don’t knock elbows while eating. Ensure the table is no wider than 48”, so passing food is within reach.

Choosing a dining room table doesn’t have to be difficult! Whatever shape, size or style you choose, the table will become the centerpiece of the room, shaping family and guest meals for years to come.

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