Happy May Day!

01 May
May 1, 2014

With origins from thousands of years ago, May Day has often been thought to signify the blossoming of spring. Here at Universal, we love all that spring has to offer – blooming dogwoods and warmer weather.

If the spirit of May Day has you feeling like your space is looking a little too ‘winter,’ now is the perfect time to liven up your space without breaking the bank. By simply adding subtle pops of color to your room, your space can be transformed from drab to fab in no time and at little cost!

Don’t want to make a drastic alteration that might be too punchy once fall rolls around again? Easy – try placing a few brightly-colored throw pillows on your sofa or bed and watch your room come alive. To develop your new color story, add other splashes of the same hue with picture frames or decorative pieces, like vases or baubles.147272396 If you are feeling a little adventurous, take the jump into a new wall color. The top design paint colors for 2014, according to Sherwin Williams, range from serene Earl Grey to vibrant Raucous Orange. Whether you choose to paint an accent wall or take the plunge into a new room color, be sure to accessorize the rest of the room with complementary colors or different shades of the same tone.


Small changes can really add up when moving to invigorate your space. With these tips, your new room will rouse the May Day spirit within you for a while to come!

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