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06 Mar
March 6, 2014

Confession: My dining room is small.

My dining room is small and my rectangular dining room table makes it feel even smaller. Lovely as it is, my table takes up most of the room—a room really better suited for a round table. But I didn’t choose a round one because I was looking for expandability. I need to accommodate added guests during the holidays, so I add a table leaf or two. Now if there was a round table that could expand like that…

Meet the Seville Dining Table from Universal’s Bolero collection. This table is full of surprises. First it’s gorgeous, in a way all the pieces of this collection are, with its dark Spanish beauty. Look at it long enough and you’ll start to hear Spanish guitars and castanets in the distance. Yet its true beauty is in its design.

This stunning round table was created to be as practical as it is beautiful—and so it actually expands. That’s right, it comes with four 10” concentric leaves that can be added individually or used together to expand the table outward. With all four leaves it grows to a generous 76”. Now that’s just smart.

I would have thought that by adding this kind of functionality the table would lose some aesthetic appeal, but it doesn’t. The Seville Dining Table features the same bold design and expressive decorative styling that distinguishes the entire Bolero group. Deep, rich finishes and flowing cherry, maple and walnut marquetry give the collection drama and character.

This innovative dining table can comfortably seat a small group or a large one, all while making the room feel more spacious. Plus I love round tables because they’re so much more conducive to conversation and entertaining. This table runs circles around other dining room tables. If only all furniture was so thoughtfully designed!

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