Relaxing with River House

04 Mar
March 4, 2014

We all know that decorating is fun. But who knew it could be good for you?

There’s just something about Paula Deen’s furniture that feels right. It’s as if it’s actually good for you. You’ve heard of “soul food,” well this is like furniture for the soul.

Paula’s furnishings are comfortable and inviting—they make you want to sit down and relax. And most of us need to slow down a bit. In a world of instant everything, there’s something to be said for just sitting still. Quietly. Without interruption.

That’s where the goodness of this furniture comes in. It encourages relaxation, quiet moments, and spending time with family and friends—ideals that get lost in the frenetic pace of busy living.

River House, the newest collection of Paula Deen furniture, inspires relaxed living. It captures the beauty, history and hospitality of life on the Savannah River—a place dear to Paula’s heart. Each piece is designed to be loved and enjoyed. You won’t find fussy finishes or anything stiff, untouchable or impractical. Instead, it’s a group that offers casual livability with touches of Low Country charm.

One of my favorite pieces is the Low Country Day Bed, the perfect blend of old and new. Featuring metal head and foot boards, it’s full of character, yet clearly comfy. I can just imagine curling up on it one Saturday afternoon and reading a good book—and if I happen to fall asleep, well, who could blame me?

For truly sleeping in beauty, the Low Post Bed is hard to beat. It combines the timeless, traditional look of wood detailing with the elegance of an upholstered bed with nailhead trim. Its rich River Bank finish gives it a luxurious, yet approachable feel.

No great Paula Deen collection would be complete without the ultimate dining table. The queen of Southern hospitality knows the importance of a beautiful table that is comfortable enough for long, leisurely meals. From weeknight dinners to special events and holidays, the River House Dining Table is designed for creating memories. Plus, it can be expanded to an impressive 106 inches for entertaining. I personally love Paula’s Host and Hostess Chair at the end of the table. After preparing the big meal, I should at least get to sit like royalty—until it’s time to clean up and start all over again.


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