Perfectly Paula

04 Mar
March 4, 2014

There’s just something about Paula Deen. I love to watch her in her kitchen cooking up her signature southern recipes. I’ve found myself watching her show when I wasn’t even interested in the dish, just because she’s so entertaining. (Don’t even get me started on the time she was on the Oprah show and dropped the cup into the electric mixer). And I’ll admit to having dreams about more than a few of her recipes—like her yummy Gooey Butter Cake.

One of the great things about Paula is what you see is what you get. She is the brand, and all her products reflect her core values and down-home Savannah style. So when you hear about Paula’s furniture line, you know what to expect. You won’t find anything fancy or fussy—just thoughtful pieces that are classic and comfortable, with a good measure of function and a dash of fun. (Kind of sounds like I’m describing Paula herself, doesn’t it?)

Paula’s newest addition to her Paula Deen Home collection is appropriately named Down Home. It’s designed to capture the easygoing style of Savannah with a mix of low country styles, timeworn finishes and a feast of charming details.

Even the wood used to create the collection has a story behind it. It turns out that the southern poplars that grow near Paula’s Savannah home have some unique characteristics. As they draw water from their native wetlands, the trees also take in minerals from the soil. This forms alternating streaks of light and dark—the minerals run through the wood in broad lines during rainy years but thinner ones during droughts. The finishes in the Down Home collection highlight these natural markings, resulting in pieces that are truly unique—just like Paula.

Ask Paula about why she got into home furnishings and her answer is genuine. She’ll be the first to tell you that home is where her heart is. Entertaining is an extension of her love of cooking and she lives to spend time with family and close friends. Over the years she’s developed her personal sense of ‘down home’ style—and lucky for us, she’s now sharing it.

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